20mph is the new 30mph: Bucks Lib Dems delivering on campaign promises

November 24, 2021 12:48 PM

After months of campaigning by Buckinghamshire Liberal Democrats, Buckinghamshire Council is set to allow communities across the County to reduce speed limits in their area to 20mph.

Liberal Democrat run Aylesbury Town Council has already voted to support the campaign, as have parish councils across the county.

This was a key manifesto commitment for the Liberal Democrats in May's local elections.

Nearby Oxfordshire County Council has already made 20mph the default speed limit across the Oxfordshire after the Liberal Democrats took control of the council earlier this year.

Buckinghamshire Conservatives have been forced to u-turn on their opposition to 20mph speed limits after pressure from campaigners, councillors, and residents across Buckinghamshire.

The council will debate and vote on a motion this Wednesday that will allow parishes to implement 20mph speed limits in their localities. After the u-turn from the Conservatives, it is very likely for the motion to be carried.

However, the motion has been drafted by the Conservatives and has been written in such a way as to undermine the proposal before it can even get started.

Liberal Democrat Councillor for Wing, Peter Cooper, will therefore be proposing an amendment to strengthen the motion and ensure that the 'Twenty is Plenty' campaign in Buckinghamshire can hit the ground running. The amendment can be found on the Buckinghamshire Council Website.

Cllr Peter Cooper said, "After months of campaigning and consultation with parishes and residents across our county, it is great to see our hard work begin to pay off. A 20 mph speed limit would make a world of difference to the quality of life of communities across Buckinghamshire.

During this year's local elections, voters raised speeding and air quality time and time again on the doorstep when speaking to Buckinghamshire Liberal Democrats candidates. Being able to deliver on a key campaign promise to voters this early into a council term, while in opposition, is what makes being an elected councillor worthwhile.

We do however need to make sure the 20mph speed limit is implemented properly and with the full endorsement of Buckinghamshire Council. This is why I am proposing my amendment to the original motion. I would urge councillors of all parties to back my amendment so residents' views and intentions are properly represented in this motion."

Cllr Adam Poland-Goodyer, Shadow Cabinet Member for Transport, added, "Allowing parishes to implement 20mph speed limits would be a victory for local democracy and residents from Buckingham to Burnham.

Streets with a 20mph speed limit have less traffic noise, lower emissions and 40% fewer road causalities, improving road safety especially for young children.

The fact that this motion is even being voted on shows the impact electing Liberal Democrat Councillors can make in our area, even in opposition, and we hope to continue delivering for Buckinghamshire residents in the future."