Support to help you win in challenging times

January 27, 2021 6:00 PM
Originally published by UK Liberal Democrats

But the current Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every aspect of our lives, including how we are able to campaign.

The party has produced this guidance on campaigning, it is updated regularly. Please check this guidance - as some materials are now only appropriate if they are delivered via paid delivery.

The Campaigns & Elections Team are here to help you with advice and support. Below are some details of the resources we're providing.

Support for your Print campaign

Leaflets and direct mail are some of the most effective campaign tools we have at our disposal, and it is vital that we continue to keep in touch with local residents.

The Campaigns & Elections Team continue to produce template campaign literature, which can be found on our Campaign Hub (to sign up for access go to

On the Campaign Hub you can find our year round "Volume Plan" literature templates here. We will also be providing templates for A5 addressed postcards here, which can be posted using one of the paid delivery options below to key target groups of voters.

Please note that most of the templates in the Volume Plan are only currently suitable for paid delivery. You can find our specific Coronavirus support templates for hand delivery here.

Options for paid unaddressed delivery

1) Royal Mail "Door 2 Door" delivery service

The Royal Mail's "Door 2 Door" delivery is an unaddressed mail service by post code sector. It is reliable, offers great coverage and is a simple process.

Take a look at the Royal Mail Rate Card here and advice on finding postcode sectors here.

We recommend two routes for you to make use of this service:

  1. a) By using one of the Campaign & Election Team's bulk deals here.
  • Using this option means we can hand hold you throughout - so you do not have to deal directly with Royal Mail or the Printers;
    • It can work out cheaper as we're ordering in bulk;
    • It allows you to consistently stay in touch with voters and to follow our campaign literature "volume plan".
    • There is either the option to choose a Tabloid or an A3
  1. b) By going through a printer and booking direct with RM for your own bespoke needs.
  • You can book a bespoke deal - you may not get the price reductions of ordering in bulk, but you can opt to book successive weeks on the same contract with Royal Mail. You will receive a 50% reduction on the order for your second week. The price will decrease the more orders you place on the same contract.

To find out more about this, email our Royal Mail contact on: who will guide you through the whole process or contact for initial advice.

2) Paid local delivery

You could also employ the services of a local paid delivery company to deliver your literature. Individual paid delivery companies will cover varying areas, with different prices and levels of reliability. We strongly recommend that you ask for references from previous customers if you are considering using a new commercial delivery company for the first time.

We are in the process of crowdsourcing a list of commercial delivery companies. If you are in need of a recommendation locally, we'll see what we can do. Equally, if you have any recommendations - please email

Recommended printers

There are several commercial printers who the Campaigns & Elections Team have dealt with over the years. The printers listed below are ones who have done a significant amount of work for the Lib Dems and are aware of the various needs local parties often have. Obviously you may also have a local printer you use and are happy with.

Options for posted direct mail

  • Direct mail deals through Election Workshop and ALDC:

ALDC are offering a number of bulk-buy deals. Some may require further consultation with them on the best way to utilise them but we wanted to alert you especially to their Direct Mail deal. You can find out more here.

  • Stannp - for your direct mail postage needs

This is a national direct mail (addressed) service with an online booking system for you to make your orders.

  • It's a reasonably priced national service
  • It's a simple, online process that can be completed in minutes
  • The more you order, the more you save

You can find out more here.

You may also want to investigate addressed mail services from OnePost and Whistl.

Support for your Digital campaign

The field resources team are organising bulk-buys for Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach voters in your area with key messages online.

1 in 6 local parties signed up to our first digital bulk-buy, which saw ads reaching more than half a million people.

The latest digital bulk-buy offer will always be available at

We are also training local campaigners in how to campaign effectively online, find out more at