Letter to Rob Butler MP on Dominic Cummings

May 25, 2020 2:54 PM
By Admin1

People across Aylesbury have been following Government Guidance by staying at home and protecting the NHS. Councillor Steven Lambert, the Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Aylesbury, has written to Rob Butler MP for Aylesbury to ask where he stands on Dominic Cummings travelling 260 miles after getting Covid 19?

On the 23rd of May news broke that the Prime Minsters closest advisor, Dominic Cummings, had gone against advice issued to the public to stay at home for at least 7 days if infected by Covid 19.

The resulting scandal has seen a public outcry against one rule for close friends of the Prime Minister and one for everybody else. Many Aylesbury Vale residents such as John Wilson from Whitchurch have written to their MP wanting to know where they stand on the issue.

Does Mr Butler MP, as many MP's across the political spectrum have already made clear, condemn the actions of Boris Johnson's advisor or do they think his actions were justified?

Recently, Rob Butler reminded residents of the importance of following the Government's rules when he retweeted the Prime Minister's message "everybody has a role to play by helping to control the virus by staying alert and following the rules" on the 10th of May. Since the news broke that Dominic Cummings had gone again this advice but Rob Butler appears to be silent on the issue and on social media.

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesman for Aylesbury, Steven Lambert, said "The good people of Aylesbury and the country have made huge personal sacrifices in order to comply with the regulations put forward by the Government to contain the Virus. Avoiding travelling to loved ones in severe medical distress and resisting the most human of instincts.

I have written to Rob Butler to ask whether he supports the actions of Mr Cummings, the Prime Minister, and cabinet colleagues - if not will he join me and many of his constituents in condemning the unbridled support of the Prime Minister and Cabinet gave Mr Cummings. Given the urgency of this matter, and the public concerns I call on our MP to urgently clarify his position."

The people of Aylesbury deserve to know where their elected representatives stand on breaking Government Guidance.

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